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Or, if you are looking for the cub scout program (grade 1 to grade 5) please contact Stephen Bixby (stephen.bixby@gmail.com) for Essex Pack 100, or  Todd Cooper (trcooper@me.com) for Manchester Pack 30.  

Winter events? Skiing, climbing, snowboarding, Klondike derby?

Posted on Dec 9 2017 - 9:48pm

Your  PLC is actively looking for activities do do this coming winter.  What would YOU like to do thus winter?  There's plenty of events out there and we have a good selection of gear.  Let's put it to use.  Let your Patrol Leader know what outdoor adventures do you want try? 

Christmas break, work on some badges. Blue Cards Due...Later.

Posted on Dec 9 2017 - 9:37pm

Previously the due date for Merit Badge Blue cards was Dec. 18th.  That's now January 8th. So, every has some extra time to work on some badges over Christmas break if you want.  

Math Science Technology Expo

Posted on Dec 2 2017 - 6:48pm

Math Science Technology Expo

In 2018, the Expo will be celebrating its 11th year of "Exploring Careers through Merit Badges!"Scouts can earn merit badges, learn from professionals, attend field trips and participate in a career fair.
Participants have come from New England and beyond to participate in this unique Math Science Technology focused event.About 120 adults, and over three dozen businesses support this event's many merit badge sessions, career fair, and field trips.


Merit Badge University - March 3 and April 7. Sign ups open

Posted on Dec 2 2017 - 6:46pm

Merit Badge University

The Harvard College Friends of Scouting in conjunction with Spirit of Adventure Council presents Merit Badge University (MBU) 2018. Merit Badges are an important part of the Boy Scout Program. At MBU, Scouts have an opportunity to earn three (non-Eagle required) merit badges while attending classes at Harvard University.

Tree Sales Sign ups! Get your spots now!

Posted on Nov 1 2017 - 6:13pm

Sign ups are live for our 2017 Christmas Tree Sales fundraiser.  

This is our second fundraiser of the year, and every bit as important as our Parking Lot.  Our requirement is that all Scouts sign up for three (3) shifts and parents/family members also take shifts. On the signup page you'll see spots for Scouts, Senior Scouts and Adults.  We ask that Star and Life Scouts first fill up the "senior scout" slots before using the "scout" slots.   

Quick review - Phones at meetings.

Posted on Nov 1 2017 - 6:12pm

We hadn't brought this up yet this year, but it seems like a good time to do it. There has been an increase into the number of phones coming out of pockets and distracting from what's going on in the meeting. In order order to be engaged in what's going on and respectful of the Scouts and Leaders that have planned the meeting and events, we ask that Scouts either leave their phones home when they come to Scout meetings or be prepared to be asked to leave the phone in the designated container r in the office. This should prevent any inadvertent damage or loss and keeps everyone active participants. It's 90 minutes once a week and if a Scout needed to use a phone or be reached in an emergency, there are plenty of adults present and the Scout House has a phone.  Thanks for your attention. 

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