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Or, if you are looking for the cub scout program (grade 1 to grade 5) please contact Stephen Bixby (stephen.bixby@gmail.com) for Essex Pack 100, or  Todd Cooper (trcooper@me.com) for Manchester Pack 30.  

Washington DC Here we come; April Vacation

Posted on Sep 20 2019 - 5:43pm

We were already planning to do a Washington DC trip in April and now that the school has cancelled thiers, we're even more committed to making this happen. The details are sparse right now...almost non-existant :) but we're reviving the Troop 3 Tradition of going to Washington DC over April Vacation 2020.  There are plenty of stories and pictures of the Troop's trips around the Scout House.  This promises to be a great trip.  I believe that the school trip was usually a 3 day (or so) whirlwind.  I think we'd lean more towards a longer trip to try and see all that we can without feeling like we're sprinting from one spot to another.  

Crane's Campout NOW OCTOBER 4-6

Posted on Sep 20 2019 - 5:36pm

Yes, it was inconvenient and disappointing to have to move this weekend's event (and the weather looks PERFECT), but better safe than sorry.  The annual Crane's Beach Campout is now Friday October 4 -Sunday October 6.  Other than the date moving out two weeks, all other plans will stay the same. We've got plenty of room if you were undecided or couldn't make it this weekend.  You can still sign up.  If you signed up and paid, but now the new date doesn't work, we will get you your payment back. 

Troop 3 Backpacks to WWII Bomber crash site - OCTOBER Backpack Trip

Posted on Sep 1 2019 - 1:28pm

October 25-27th, Troop 3 will go backpacking in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. The scouts will hike to the site of a WWII B-18 bomber crash and survey the remaining wreckage. On Sunday, depending on the weather, they will have the opportunity to hike a nearby peak as well. This is a moderately strenuous trip. Scouts will need to carry a full backpack several miles and set up camp. The hike to the crash site and the separate peak on Sunday will be done using day packs, not full backpacks. Scoutland participation required or scout must be at least a 2nd year scout. All information is on the Troop web calendar.

Troop 3 Backpacks in the White Mountains - NOVEMBER backpack trip

Posted on Jul 31 2019 - 6:35pm

Troop 3 will backpack in the White Mountains. Any scout in his third year or who has completed an October backpack trip is eligible to participate. This is a strenuous trip. Participants must be able to hike up to 10 miles covering rugged terrain with 45+ pound packs. This is a step up in intensity from the Troop's October Intermediate backpack trip. If you have questions please contact Mr. Rossi f2rossi@comcast.net Sign-up Deadline is 11/4/19 All details are on the Troop web calendar.

Congratulations to our new Senior Patrol Leader - Cole Falk!!!

Posted on May 30 2019 - 6:29pm

Cole Falk has been elected by his peers to serve as our Senior Patrol Leader for the next year!  He's got big shoes to fill and some good plans for the coming Scout year.  Cole will be building his team of ASPLs and working with those in positions of leadership to form up the PLC.  There will be planning meetings over the summer, so if you've got ideas you want to see the Troop try out, send them to Cole.

2019 Parking Lot sign up

Posted on May 1 2019 - 3:05pm

The signup genius for Parking Lot 2019 is now live.  Please remember it is everyone's duty to sign up for 4 shifts and make it your priority to come to those shifts that you commit to.   Parking Lot is our biggest fundraiser and we need your help to make it run smoothly.

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