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Or, if you are looking for the cub scout program (grade 1 to grade 5) please contact Stephen Bixby (stephen.bixby@gmail.com) for Essex Pack 100, or  Todd Cooper (trcooper@me.com) for Manchester Pack 30.  

Flags as memorials

Posted on Mar 17 2018 - 6:25pm

A couple quick notes about some American flags you may have noticed around the Scout House this week.

  • The Flag on our front flagpole has been flying at half-staff in remembrance of past Troop 3 Committee Chair and Scout Dad, John Graves. John passed away last Sunday.
  • You may have seen the folding of another flag on Monday night.  This was used in the funeral of Bill Laskowski, former Manchester resident, Army Veteran, police officer, and Troop 3 Scout Dad who passed away in February.  When the flag was returned to the family after the memorial services it was just folded into a square.  Bill's son Kevin asked if Troop 3 would fold it properly so he could display it.  We were honored to do so.

Please keep both of these Troop 3 families in your thoughts.  

Family Life and Personal Management Badges Tonight

Posted on Mar 17 2018 - 5:36pm

Mrs. Tosi and Mrs. Meek will be hosting a class to start these two Eagle-required merit badges at 6:00pm at the Scout Houses.  Both take a little time to earn and it's good to start now rather than wait. Check out the requirements on Scoutbook before you get there, so you're aware of what's happening.

Town Report Packing - Monday Night!

Posted on Mar 17 2018 - 5:35pm

 Monday is our annual Town Report night.  There's a lot of shuffling and putting things into bright yellow bags and we're ALWAYS happy to have ANY help from family and friends that want to pitch in.  Last year I believe we set a record for speed to finish all the bags.  I'd love to be done by 8:00.

Calling ALL First year and Tenderfoot Scouts - Scoutland - April 7th and 8th

Posted on Mar 8 2018 - 9:31pm

All first-year Scouts (that's the Area 51 Patrol) and anyone who is Tenderfoot, should plan on attending.  This is our gateway event to bigger backpacking and hiking trips like the Intermediate trip on the Bomber Hike and eventually winter backpacking.  Newer Scouts will learn camping and backpacking basics in a setting close to home from Senior Scouts and leaders.  These skills will also help in rank advancement.   

Senior Patrol Leader Elections

Posted on Mar 8 2018 - 5:33pm

Monday night, we'll be taking nominations for our next Senior Patrol Leader.  The Scouts will vote in coming weeks for their next SPL. This is a big responsibility but an equally big learning experience.  Are you Troop 3's next SPL? We are a Scout Lead Troop, so think of this position as the General Manager.  You've got a great ability to influence the activity and direction of the Troop, but it comes with knowing that you'll have to collaborate, work as part of a team, and keep things organized. If you're interested, take some time to think about it.  Feel free to reach out to Phillip, Thomas Surette or Thomas Ambrose and pick their brain about the position.  

Summer Camp July 15th -21st!

Posted on Feb 9 2018 - 12:16pm

Troop 3 is heading to Camp Wah Tut Ca in Northwood, New Hampshire. Summer camp is a key experience in any scouting career and particularly impactful for young scouts.  it's a great opportunity to try new activities (climbing, boating, shooting, handicrafts, archery, etc.) and interact with Scouts from all over.  We'll be sending out the camp program guide soon (as soon as they finish making it!).  

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